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Product Description

Lanthanum oxide
产品名称 Lanthanum oxide
产品说明 White powdered solid, insoluble in water and alkali, soluble in acid, mainly used for high quality camera of large aperture lens and large visual field, periscope lens and anode thermionic emission material for large electronic or electron optical instruments like particle accelerator or electron microscope.
技术指标 Purity≥99-99.999% TREO≥99% LOI≤1%
稀土杂质 Nd2O3≤5ug/g Sm2O3≤5ug/g Y2O3≤5ug/g Pb6O11≤2ug/g CeO2≤10ug/g
非稀土杂质 SiO2≤25ug/g Fe2O3≤1ug/g CaO≤20ug/g CuO≤3ug/g NiO≤3ug/g PrO≤10ug/g Cl-≤200ug/g