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Product Description

Europium oxide
产品名称 Europium oxide
产品说明 Faint red powdered solid, insoluble in water, soluble in acid, mainly used as red luminescent material in plasma panel display, it is a kind of new material with the advantages of high illumination, high energy saving, high color contrast, long service life, etc.
技术指标 Purity≥99.995-99.999% TREO≥99% LOI≤1%
稀土杂质 Nd2O3≤5ug/g Sm2O3≤10ug/g Y2O3≤5ug/g CeO2≤5ug/g
非稀土杂质 CuO≤10ug/g Fe2O3≤5ug/g PbO≤5ug/g SiO2≤25ug/g NiO≤5ug/g CaO≤10ug/g